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January 2011

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Claire's Wedding - The Ceremony (Open RP Thread)

(OCC: Here's how it's going to work. This will be the post for the ceremony and later there will be a separate one for the reception. I'll probably start new comment threads for each of the different sections (procession, vows, and so on) and treat it like a normal RP thread. Feel free to have your characters join in, even if they haven't had any interactions with Claire or Ted.)

The wedding is located at a loft in Manhattan. For this occasion the well lighted and open space has been decorated in Claire's artistic style in black and white with a touch of red. The space is divided into two rooms one for the ceremony and the other for the reception.

The white chairs in the ceremony room are facing a fireplace filled with lighted black and red candles. The chairs are divided into two sections with a strip of black fabric going down the aisle. A few people have already been seated and Claire's nephews, Durrell and Anthony, are waiting to seat guests and hand out programs.


Alex and David turned up together- his hand on the small of her back as they entered the ceremony room. Among others, his reason being to stop his fidgeting hands from grabbing part of the decorative arrangements and candles -- he hadn't attended a wedding since his own 16 years ago.

Dressed formally, Alex wore a black dress and a long summer coat.

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Anthony, a young black teenager, asked, "Bride or groom?" as he offered them a program.

(OCC: And to avoid any confusion Claire's nephews are both adopted. I'm just too lazy to find PBs for them.)
David took the offered program.

"The bride," Alex replied with a smile.

Anthony smiled back at them and led them to seats about half way back on the bride's side.
David and Alex followed Anthony to their seats. As they sat down, David whispered to Alex, "how long do you think this is gonna take? Do I need to go on a quick potty run?"

Alex rolled her eyes at him and shook her head. "If you need to pee during, you hold it in like a man."

In a room off to the side, Millie, in her maternity matron of honor dress, was trying to assist Claire with anything she needed at the last minute, while also trying to keep Isabel under control.

"Is it time to go?" Isabel asked again, swinging her flower girl basket. She looked angelic in her flower girl dress, her curly hair done up, but her eyes belied more than a hint of mischief.

"Almost," Millie said. "Calm down and behave or you won't get cake and singing songs later."
"I will sing songs when I walk with my flowers," Isabel said.
"Oh, no you won't," Millie said. "You'll walk down the aisle like a good girl, quietly, and if you don't, Daddy's gonna be right there and you'll get a spank in front of everyone."
Isa's eyes widened. "I getta throw flowers?"
"Yes, but nicely. And quietly."
Isabel sighed, falling to the floor in a dramatic fashion as they waited.

"It won't be too much longer," Claire heard Betsy cheerfully reassure Isa. Anita took a few pictures of the impatient flower girl.

Claire was sitting in a chair with her dress pulled up around her knees and her feet on an ottoman waiting for her blue toe nails to dry. It was the only she could think of working blue into her look without it throwing everything else off. She just wished she had remembered about the whole thing earlier, but after having an emotionally grueling week she wasn't worried about it. Things would happen as they happened.
Isabel hammed it up for the camera.

"Ay, get off the floor," Millie admonished her once the pictures were taken. Isabel scurried up and went over to Claire.

"Hi, Care," she said, "You make your toes blue," she observed. She'd seen her mother paint her toenails before, so the process was nothing new, but she did like to color and that's what the whole nail polish and makeup process seemed like to the three year old. She tilted her head quizzically. "You make my toes blue?"
"I don't think that there's enough time right now," Claire tried to be as diplomatic as possible. There wasn't enough time for a tantrum, "Maybe later,"
"Later when we sing songs and have cake?" Isabel asked,leaning against Claire.
"A little later than that," She clarified as Anita took another picture of Isa.

"It's time," The women from the venue who was making sure things ran smoothly announced.
Isa's eyes grew wide. "Okay!" She hurried back over to Millie.
"Stay right here with me," Millie told Isabel. "And you walk when the lady tells you, like we practiced."
Isabel nodded, clutching her flowers.