csu_claire_fish (csu_claire_fish) wrote,

So my due date is today and I haven't gone into labor yet (and yes I know only 20% of babies are born on their due date), but we're supposed to get 10 to 14 inches of snow tomorrow. My doctor won't induce me yet because she's on the small side.

Apparently I'm overreacting! But I've lived in New York long enough to know that people here can't drive in the snow. And I REALLY don't want to give birth in traffic. Or at home. Or anywhere else that doesn't have pain meds and lots of doctors around if something goes wrong (that's why I've been on maternity leave for a week). I guess in this country you can choose to have a baby, you just can't choose when to have it. So much for reproductive freedom.

Zoe has also recently figured out how to kick me in the ribs and poke my bladder at the same time. It's wonderful. I can't sleep and I'm too uncomfortable to do much of anything.

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