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January 2011

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This weekend was nice. My mom and my Aunt Sarah came out for the weekend. It was good seeing them and also to get more input for wedding stuff.

The last really big thing for the wedding is done (I hope!). I have my dress! I've been looking by myself for awhile and I just hadn't found one I really liked and I saw this one and I knew it was the one. It's different, but elegant and not frilly or princessy. My mom likes it too, but Ted's won't. I think that's actually a plus. The store is also willing to work with the fact that I'm going to be gaining some weight before the wedding.

Yes, we're going to be having a baby (actually I'm going to be doing most of the work) in February. I'm still getting used to the idea of having a baby. Maybe it'll sink in more after the wedding.


I really like the dress.

And congratulations on having a baby.
I'm glad you like the dress. I really like that it's different and not just white. I just couldn't picture myself wearing a traditional all white dress.

You don't have to be all traditional nowadays. Besides, most brides have worn white- nice to be different and unique.

You're welcome. How far along are you?
Yes, it is.

I'm almost nine weeks. Due February 9th.
At least you won't be heavily pregnant at your wedding then.
The dress looks great and you won't be too far along for it to be a distraction. *I* am gonna look like Shamu, but oh, well.

...also, really, as long as no one mentions 'baby brother' Isa should be okay at the wedding...
You're not going to look like Shamu.

I just hope no one does. I think her having a tantrum at the wedding might be a bad omen.