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January 2011

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We got to see the baby today and it's a girl (I feel really weird saying it). I think we both wanted a boy and we already had a boy's name picked out, but we'll be okay with a healthy baby girl.

I just feel bad and I don't want her to find out (she's not even born yet and I'm turning into my mother). I didn't really appreciate it when my dad called me the accident (there's over ten years between me and my brothers).

I really wouldn't recommend planning a wedding without the aid of caffeine and alcohol. I feel like I could sleep for a week, but everything is coming together nicely.


Congratulations. If you need me to help you do anything else, let me know.

Can you sew by any chance?
A little, but my mom's way better at it... What do you need done? I could probably see if she can do it if it's complicated...
It's not all that complicated. I'm doing these fabric fortune cookies for the favors and the circles have to be sewn together.
Circles? We can do that fast, I think.
Yeah, it shouldn't be that bad. It'll just go faster if it's more than just me.
If you've got a sewing machine, I can borrow my mom's and bring it over and we can work on it together, if you want.
I actually do have and two doing should make it go faster.
Good. When do you want to do this?
Congratulations. I think it's normal to have wanted either a boy or a girl, I don't think you need to feel bad about that.
Thanks. I just don't want her thinking that we wanted her to be someone else, if that makes any sense.
That makes sense, but I'm sure you guys won't give her a reason to think that.
I hope so. Right now I'm feeling paranoid about pretty much everything.
I think you're allowed to feel that way.